Saturday, April 01, 2006

Green Juice!

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Come summer and one needs to go to grab a glass of juice of some fruit...just to keep you going...
but this juice is not just related to summer but to health.

Wheat Grass
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Oh No! Anything that tastes good is not good for health and vice versa!
But, VOILA! , this one does taste good and is unbelievably good for health, chk here and here too

Now to the making of juice, first day when I prepered it for my FIL, I didn't even dare to smell it for the fear of it...but what a waste! I had been missing the goodness of it till this day! Wow, its got a sweet fresh taste that tastes really good for an empty stomach in the morning.So refreshing that your day goes great!


Wheat Grass : 1 Pkt. ( Approx. 100 gms)
Water : Desired ( Recommended 100 ml)


Wash the wheat grass and chop them and put them in a blender. Add little water and blend till smooth. Strain and serve this green elixir!


Fresh Ginger or lime or even slices of carrots or apples can be added to the blender along with Wheat Grass.
This is my contribution to WHB to Kalyn's Kitchen.

PS: Will post my home grown wheat grass shortly!!!


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