Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Javarsi Vadaam ( Sago Papads)

Summer seasons were leisure seasons once upon a time, meaning during school and college days... of course it still is for those who are in that stage. But whatever be it, summer cannot pass through without making vatthals, vadams and maanga urugais...

This weekend I made some vadu manga/ maa vaddu / tender mango pickles and javarasi vadam/ sago papad.

I shall post the reciepe of the javarasi vadam here and then the vadu maanga in my next post.

Things required:

Javarasi / Sago ( Preferrably Big Ones) - 2 Kilo
Green Chillies - 1/2 Kilo
Salt - to taste
Lime - 10 nos.


Soak the sago over night with lots of water. Grind green chillies and salt add lime juice and keep aside. Put the sago in a big vessel and put it on the stove stirring occasionally. Remove from fire when it is thickened to a gravy state. Add the chilly paste and stir well. Let it cool. Now take a small laddle and pour it on a plastic sheet in an open place under the direct sun. Let it dry for one complete day. This is now ready to eat when deep fried in oil. This yummy tangy tasting vadaam can only be home made, because the store bought ones are very plain tasting.


The Javarasi Kuzh ( the pre vadam )

dried vadam5

The Dried Vaadam

vadaam on the process

The Vaadam in the oil

Food 154

The fried Vadam With Rice Sambar and Vadu Maanga!
The ultimate combo...


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